July 7, 2011

In Stock: TRUE DETECTIVE June 2011 Issue

The prosecution holds up evidence of a bondage mask used by BTK on one of his victims.

Dennis Rader aka the BTK Strangler was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole for 175 years for the murders of ten people in and around the Wichita, Kansas area between 1974 and 1991. The self imposed moniker of BTK stands for "bind, torture, and kill," the method in which he slayed his victims.

"You don't understand these things because you're not under the influence of factor x. The same thing that made Son of Sam, Jack the Ripper, Harvey Glatman, Boston Strangler, Dr. H. H. Holmes, Panty Hose Strangler of Florida and many more infamous characters kill. It seems senseless but we cannot help it. There is no help, no care, except death or being caught or put away" - Dennis Rader

The BTK Strangler and more now available in the June 2011 issue of True Detective at Nepenthes New York.