July 7, 2011

In Stock: Colorado Horsehair Belts & Bracelets

For centuries, master craftsmen in cultures throughout the world have woven fine horsehair into pieces of art. From the traditional Korean wedding garb, to the peasant wear of Bronze Age Celtics, to the "devil's violin" used since the middle ages in the Kaszenby region on the Baltic Sea, horsehair has stood the test of time for its natural beauty and ability to withstand the elements. This tradition was brought to the raw plains of America with the waves of early immigrants who marveled as they settled into the majestic mountains of Colorado.

Genuine horsehair belts and bracelets, hand-crafted in Boulder, Colorado are now available at Nepenthes NY. Each belt begins as a fine horsetail, then the hair is removed without harming or discomforting the animal. The hair, gathered into a "hank," as it is called at this point, is then cleaned and sorted. The raw hair, some of which is colored with natural pigments, is then separated and twisted by weavers into "hair-pulls." It is then braided or hitched to create our products. It is this combination of natural fiber and hand braiding that gives a Colorado Horsehair product the subtle variations of texture and color.