June 20, 2011

In Words and Pictures: Engineered Garments SS11 Tees

The t-shirts for the Engineered Garments Spring/Summer 2011 collection take their inspiration from the shortly lived but much coveted FLAIR magazines. Released in 1950, the publication ran for only one year and covered all aspects of culture from fashion to art and literature. Along with editorials written by famous names such as Salvador Dali, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Jean Cocteau, FLAIR was years ahead of its time with its crazy and complex design and layout productions which ultimately led to its demise (production costs were more than the cover price). Fifty years after its initial publication, a "Best of Flair" was published cataloging the magazine's history and sold out within weeks of its release.

"Literature, clothes, art, travel, decor, theatre, humor, comment, and entertainment...
count on FLAIR to bring men and women of taste everywhere a new kind of magazine excitement."