June 23, 2011

In Stock: Tamaki Niime Scarves

Near Kyoto, in the Hyogo Prefecture of Japan, lies a region that is known for producing impressively high quality textiles. This specific textile is called Banshu-ori, and its deep history spans over 200 yearsThe world renowned Banshu-ori cloth makers not only supply clothing companies within Japan, but they also serve luxury clothing brands all over the world. 

Tamaki Niime, a young textile designer trained by Banshu-ori master cloth makers, represents the new generation of artisans who are keeping this artform alive. To create this amazing cloth, the weaving process involves 27 steps to produce the fabric. Niime uses fine dyed cotton threads to create a precise design & silky texture. Each scarf is woven by Niime herself and is one of a kind.