October 4, 2012

「IN STOCK」EGI FW12 Red Buttonhole Shirt & Needles FW12 Hooded Jacquard Shirt

Today we've decided to steer clear of our normal blogging format and mix together a couple of our in-house brands. We present the Engineered Garments Intermediates Red Buttonhole Shirt and the Needles Hooded Jacquard Shirt. O.G. Nepenthes fans know we love using floral patterns  and when we saw the EGI collection, we had to carry the "Big Rose" printed shirt to satisfy some of our floral fiends. Though it seems like a crazy color pattern, when styled and layered correctly-it can actually be quite subtle. 

Next we have the Needles Jacquard Shirt which is another unique piece from the mind of Keizo Shimizu. Made in Japan and utilizing  a Jacquard weave, rich with colors and patterns, it is definitely an eye catcher. 

Red Buttonhole Shirt in Big Rose

Hooded Jacquard Shirt in Red