September 10, 2012

「IN STOCK」 Engineered Garments FW12 Hooded Padded Vest

A lot of customers have been calling in asking "when will you guys be getting in the the hooded down vest?" Well, here it is, the moment (some of) you've all been waiting for... Introducing the FW12 Engineered Garments Hooded Padded Vest. This particular piece is lightweight and soft to the touch. Made with PrimaLoft Insulation Technology, the vest has excellent compressibility and is very thermally efficient, so it'll leave you feeling warm and toasty without the bulk of a normal down vest.

The Hooded Padded Vest is available in Khaki NyCo Ripstop, Olive NyCo Ripstop, Navy Wool Uniform Serge, and Grey Wool Herringbone.


Khaki NyCo Ripstop

Olive NyCo Ripstop

Navy Wool Uniform Serge

Grey Wool Herringbone