July 2, 2012

「IN PICTURES」 'Behind The Knot' by Nobi Kashiwagi

Our good friend Nobi Kashiwagi recently shot an editorial titled 'Behind The Knot' for the magazine Fino MAN. This shoot showcases various ensembles of neckwear using products from Engineered Garments, Needles, Rough & Tumble and a few other lines, all of which are available at our shop. Click the image above the view the piece on their site and check out the individual how-to clips and product information below.

Note: If the .GIFs below are static, click on one of the images to start and the rest should follow.

Tie Engineered Garments
Shirt Engineered Garments Workaday
Vest Rebuild by Needles
Pants Engineered Garments

Bow Tie Engineered Garments
Shirt  Rough & Tumble
Vest Engineered Garments
Pants Engineered Garments
Bracelet Colorado Horsehair

Neck Tie Engineered Garments
Shirt Engineered Garments
Vest Needles
Pants Needles
Belt Sole Survivor 

Scarf Needles
Shirt Rebuild by Needles
Vest Engineered Garments
Necklace Vestibule
Bracelet Colorado Horsehair