April 11, 2012

「IN STOCK」Nepenthes New York Loop Back Shirt

The Nepenthes New York SS12 "Loop on Back" shirt is now available. For this season, the shirt comes in three colorways. Made in New York of 100% cotton, the bold and vivid stripes that pulsate throughout the shirt are more akin to a painter's expressionistic stroke than that of an ordinary striped top. The fabric is created using a Batik printing technique that ensures that no two stripes are alike; making each shirt unique. The loop (locker loop, fairy loop, fruit loop) found on the back of the shirt, can be used to hang the shirt when a hanger is not available but during our research on this particular item we learned that when a girl liked a boy she would rip his loop off to show that she was interested... Either way it's a fun detail.

Loop Back Shirt - Red/Purple

Loop Back Shirt - Black/Royal

Loop Back Shirt - Grey/Purple