November 9, 2011

「HELL'S KITCHEN MUSIC SOCIETY」 Throne of Blood Records


A curated selection of off-kilter dance music from the Brooklyn underground. Helmed by The Rapture, ToB releases music from an international team of DJs and producers.


Originally from Washington DC, Jonathan Kreinik has been making electronic music since the 80's and extensively working as a live sound engineer/producer for the likes of The Rapture, Trans Am, !!!, LCD Soundsystem, and others.


Mat Playford and Paul Woolford met after a very late night spent at Devil Ray Cove during which the two bonded over a love of strange noises and polymono plexus gel. The two decided to combine forces and launch joint exploration missions into quantum hydrodynamics. These missions were made under the name Ford Inc.


Although a long time advocate of obscure disco and classic techno, Ulysses is currently best known for the piano house anthem "robotic hypnotic adventure" from his Neurotic Drum Band collaboration with John Selway. His music suggests the nostalgic fun of yesterday's classics without overlooking the new sounds of today.


"Saarid wishes to promote peace through human understanding, not politics." These words are literally etched into the vinyl of Saarid's debut single. Fusing 80's drum machines with 90's atmospherics, Saarid has crafted a sund that nonetheless feels "now."


Between frequent DJ gigs, marathon sessions in their studio, and remixes for numerous artists, Populette have staked out a slice of dance music terrain as their own. Populette is all about dance floor energy and analog synths, deep, druggy, and not for the faint hearted.